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Product Details: An overnight serum that stimulates the skin’s natural antioxidant defenses to repair environmental stress and damage, while restoring skin’s elasticity and firmness.

Melatonik stimulates your skin’s natural antioxidant defenses, repairs environmental stress and damage from the previous day, and supports healthy, younger-looking skin


Key Ingredients: Melatonin, Bakuchiol, Vitamin C


Key Benefits: Melatonin is an indirect antioxidant that stimulates the skin’s natural defenses against free radicals to heal and repair damage done from the day. Bakuchiol is an anti-aging ingredient derived from the Psoralea corylifolia plant, an ingredient widely used in Chinese Herbal Medicine. Vitamin C, a direct antioxidant, repairs and protects the skin and leads to bright, youthful, glowy skin.


How to use: Apply 3-4 drops to clean skin in the evening.

Bakuchiol is a plant-based ingredient that mimics the effects of retinol to promote cell turnover and collagen production. With continued use, you will notice a decrease in the appearance of lines and wrinkles, improves skin elasticity and firmness and can also treat acne. This is the perfect option for those who want retinol results, but are afraid of the side effects. Perfect for sensitive skin types, bakuchiol will not cause any irritation, redness or flakiness. Also safe for pregnant or breast-feeding women.


Size: 30 mL bottle

ISDIN Melatonik

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