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Our mission is to help you live the life you're meant to live. This said, our belief is that overall health and beauty is not just skin deep, it's a personal choice that enhances your confidence, performance and inner total body well being. Our team of expert medical staff understands the importance of top performance lifestyle and are dedicated to helping you achieve just that!

Through our cutting-edge aesthetic and medical treatments, we can transform your outer appearance while boosting your health. Our holistic approach to overall wellness means that we not only enhance your physical appearance, but we also take care of your mental and emotional well-being. At our clinic, we go above and beyond to ensure that you leave feeling happy, satisfied, and ready to conquer any challenge the world might throw your way.


Our professional staff is committed to providing you with the highest level of care and attention, ensuring that your experience with us is nothing short of exceptional. 


My name is Amy Iannello

As a seasoned healthcare professional with a passion for transforming lives through her expertise and unwavering dedication. Throughout the past 20 years Amy has gathered a unique wealth of experience as a Physician Assistant in a hospital setting, honing her skills as well as becoming a trusted figure in the realm of medicine.

Throughout her illustrious career, Amy has performed a multitude of complex medical procedures, earning her reputation as a meticulous and skilled practitioner. Her commitment to precision and patient well-being has garnered the trust and admiration of countless individuals seeking medical care.

When the world was gripped by the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, Amy felt an undeniable calling to make a change—a change that would allow her to bring joy and happiness to those in need. It was then that she made the bold decision to venture into the realm of medical aesthetics, recognizing the immense potential to help people not only physically but also emotionally.

Driven by the incredible feeling that comes from witnessing the transformative power of medical aesthetics, Amy embarked on a new path, determined to enhance the lives of her patients in a different capacity. Her transition into the world of medical aesthetics is a testament to her unwavering desire to make a positive impact, uplifting individuals and empowering them to live happier, more confident lives.

With a wealth of experience and a heart brimming with compassion, Amy Ianello is a beacon of hope and change, dedicated to merging her extensive medical knowledge with the realm of aesthetics. Her commitment to excellence, coupled with her innate ability to connect with others, enables her to deliver remarkable results and foster a sense of fulfillment in those she treats.

Prepare to be inspired and transformed under Amy's care, as she utilizes her remarkable skill set to create a world where beauty and well-being intertwine, ultimately bringing forth the happiness that each person truly deserves.



My name is Dr. Stavros

As a doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, Board Certified Physician and years of experience with the latest technology in Hair Loss, Dr. Stavros bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in both Surgical and Non-Surgical Modalities creating tangible results for all our patients. 


My name is Dr. Erol Yoldas

In over 16 years of practice in Fort Lauderdale, Dr. Erol Yoldas has become one of the top orthopedic sports medicine doctors in Florida. He began practice in 2000, specializing in complex reconstruction of knee, shoulder, and elbow injuries. Currently performing over 900 surgeries a year, half of his practice is knees (ACL reconstruction, meniscal/cartilage injuries) and the other half shoulder/elbow (rotator cuff, labral repair/stabilization, UCL reconstruction).

Prior to practicing, he received a Biomedical Engineering degree at Duke University. His medical degree is from Yale University, where he received the nations top honor society for medicine (AOA). For Orthopedic residency, he trained under the outstanding sports medicine department at University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Yoldas was then offered the preeminent sports medicine fellowship in this country at the Steadman Phillipon Clinic in Vail, Colorado (formally the Steadman Hawkins Clinic).

As part of his scope of care on and off the field, Dr. Yoldas was team physician for the Miami Dolphins for over 13 years. He is currently a team physician for the Nova Southeastern University Sharks, a consultant for several local colleges, and has previously served the Miami Marlins as team physician. And he still finds time on Friday nights to volunteer coverage for several local high schools! Dr. Yoldas is also actively working with the leaders in the research industry, developing novel techniques that are less invasive offering patients the best chance to recover.



My name is Jason Melachrino Doctor of Pharmacy

As a Doctor of Pharmacy with 20+ years of experience specifically in the Compounding Pharmacy space. Throughout his career he has had the opportunity to care for tens of thousands of patients consulting with them and their physicians on optimizing therapies, developing and delivering personalized formulations.  Furthermore, as an owner and avid long-time supporter of wellness modalities, his purpose is to assure Elevate remains at the forefront of cutting-edge medical science to maximize the impact on our patients' well-being. 



We provide personalized services to each client to ensure that you get the best possible treatment.


We are working hard to provide the best technology and services that the industry offers.


"We are not here to build a Med Spa,

we are here to build a legacy"

“Amy at Elevate in Plantation is the utmost entrained professionals. she takes the time to listen to her patients and provide wonderful care. she is a Precision injector with botox and follows up with documentation and photos. I also have IPL skin treatments and the Improvement in my skin is remarkable. I highly recommend Amy at elevate for all of your aesthetic needs and body needs to. she is a wealth of information and aims to help her patients."

Shelley Wolland

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